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22 Oct 2019
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Topic title: "Provider Organizations"
Discipline: Health Care
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11 Oct 2019
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Topic title: "Group Decision Making"
Discipline: Business Studies
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29 Sep 2019
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Topic title: "Performance Management at Xactly"
Discipline: Human Resources Management (HRM)
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14 Sep 2019
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Topic title: "Shakespeare"
Discipline: Art (Fine arts, Performing arts)
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29 Aug 2019
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Topic title: "Karl Marx"
Discipline: Philosophy
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19 Aug 2019
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Topic title: "Daisy Miller"
Discipline: Literature
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7 Aug 2019
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Topic title: "Project - Professional Code"
Discipline: Ethics
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29 Jul 2019
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Topic title: "Professional Communication with Korean Patients"
Discipline: Nursing
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19 Jul 2019
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Topic title: "Trump and Nixon"
Discipline: History

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